Mail & Business has been in the River Exchange Shopping Center since 1996 and has always been a family owned and operated independent business.

Dallas Howard has a long history in the retail business and followed his dreams in 2005 to become an entrepreneur by buying Mail & Business from the previous owner. He has been married to his wife, Teresa, for 35 years and has three grown children and four grandchildren. He is originally from Wake Forest, North Carolina and spends his free time playing on his Senior Softball League.

Teresa Howard has been a doula and childbirth professional since 1992. She is married to Dallas and mother to three, nana to four. She is also a breast cancer survivor since November 2007. She teaches childbirth classes in a space in the back of the store but is typically not in the shop. If you run into her, consider it a treat and say hello!

Jami is the resident graphic designer and self-taught computer know-it-all. She specializes in business branding/logo design, print work (postcards, business cards, flyers, banners) and is a social media wizard (blogs, twitter, facebook). She is a single mom to Johnny, eight and enjoys writing and painting.

Travonda Fleming is originally from Chicago but escaped the windy, wintry north to attend College at Georgia State University. She works part time in the shop and is well-versed in printing and shipping procedures.